Communication skill

What do you think if you have to work in office during weekend?

It's pitiful if you have to work during weekend, especially in office.
This weekend, I've got around 30 calls for my job and most of them were already done or just planned.
After check with colleague, there are some communication gaps between two functions - we thought that we passed material to P/L for build, but they could not reach them in W/H so they call help for arrangement.
How to prevent this kind of situation happen again? I believe we need to have two things to do "Right Person" and "Right Way".

First of all, if you got wrong person and explain the history of issues or you just ask him/her to do some thing that you need his/her help. Do you think you'll get well outcome if you really do that? For example, you have a question need engineer's help to clarify it, but you ask this question to operator... Does it work?
Second, if you found a engineer and he is responsible for the field of your needed but you have no idea to explain your question or needed to him/her, what would you thing in this situation? So I think how to descripe you question or you requirement well is also important too.

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