Some emotional wording that hard to translate to English well.

Today, we're gonna talk about some Chinese wording that could not be translated to English well.
I want ot talk about "無力."
In Chinese, we use this word to describe that someone feel that he/she could not handle something well and make it smoothly as his/her wish.Sometimes, we also use this word to describe disappointed or sad.
For example, I feel 無力 about changes of my project and some incredible decisions that come from customers.

I always feel 無力 when I got a instruction that about Qty or schedule changing and this kind of instruction usually appear before build date couple days ago!!


Translation Snoopy - Part4

13500:15:03,233 --> 00:15:08,852

好了, 再一次重頭開始吧. 就位! 開始!

13600:15:18,906 --> 00:15:21,507
查理布朗, 你不覺得這演出很棒嗎?

13700:15:22,714 --> 00:15:29,355
真是夠了! 聽著, 如果我們想讓這場演出成功, 大家必須要同心協力.

13800:15:31,120 --> 00:15:35,975
-到底怎麼了, 查理布朗? 這樣不是很好嗎?

13900:15:36,275 --> 00:15:43,823
嘿,面對現實吧 查理 . 我們都知道聖誕節是場商業騙局. 這是由東歐的大財團搞出來的.

14000:15:44,123 --> 00:15:48,745
-不過, 這場演出並不商業化呀.
-聽著, 查理布朗, 你到底要什麼?

14100:15:49,045 --> 00:15:56,244
-適當的氛圍. 我們需要一顆聖誕樹.
-嘿, 或許是棵樹, 一棵又大又亮的鋁製聖誕樹.

14200:15:56,615 --> 00:16:05,835
-就這樣吧, 查理布朗! 你去找樹. 我來搞定這群人.
-好. 萊納斯跟我走. 你們剩下來的人, 背好你的台詞!

14300:16:06,135 --> 00:16:13,705
-盡可能找棵最大的樹, 查理布朗. 粉紅色的也不錯.
-是呀, 來些不錯的改變吧, 查理布朗.

14400:16:18,349 --> 00:16:22,018
我不懂, 萊納斯. 我真的搞不懂.

14500:16:24,061 --> 00:16:27,776
嗯, 我想我們最好把注意力放在找一棵好的聖誕樹.

14600:16:31,027 --> 00:16:34,278
我想我們可以試著朝探照燈那邊找找, 查理布朗.

14700:16:42,359 --> 00:16:47,513

14800:17:05,021 --> 00:17:11,409
-天呀, 他們現在還用木頭做聖誕樹嗎?

14900:17:11,709 --> 00:17:17,631
這樣好嗎, 查理布朗. 你還記得露西說什麼嗎? 這看起來不太有現代感的樣子.

15000:17:17,931 --> 00:17:24,108
我不在乎. 我們會裝飾它, 而且它會是最適合我們的演出的一棵樹. 更何況, 我覺得它需要我.

15100:17:31,817 --> 00:17:35,346

15200:17:40,873 --> 00:17:45,192

15300:17:46,399 --> 00:17:51,208

15400:17:51,508 --> 00:17:56,384

15500:17:58,474 --> 00:18:04,582
他的照片從來沒有出現過在泡泡糖的卡片上, 他有嗎? 你有看過他的照片出現在泡泡糖的卡片上頭嗎?

15600:18:04,882 --> 00:18:10,083

15700:18:50,022 --> 00:18:52,901
嘿, 對了, 你會彈奏 "Jingle Bells" 嗎?

15800:19:01,400 --> 00:19:06,229
不不不. 我說的是 "Jingle Bells". 你知道嗎, 像是 Deck the Hall 那樣的感覺 (聖歌).

15900:19:09,991 --> 00:19:19,233
不對, 你完全沒有搞懂. 我說的是 "Jingle Bells". 有 "聖誕老人呵呵笑, 還有槲寄生跟給漂亮女孩的禮物" 的那個.

16000:19:27,545 --> 00:19:28,753

16100:19:30,285 --> 00:19:31,493

16200:19:40,548 --> 00:19:45,218
-你是笨蛋嗎, 查理布朗.

16300:19:45,518 --> 00:19:50,419

16400:19:50,719 --> 00:19:56,502
我說過他會搞砸的吧. 他真的不是那種 "妳可以期待他做好任何事情" 的料.

16500:19:56,802 --> 00:20:00,146
-你沒救了, 查理布朗.

16500:20:00,518 --> 00:20:02,189


Home work - 12/9

Subject : Genetic testing now makes it possible for people to find out if they have a higher than average chance of getting certain genetic diseases. White a paragraph or short essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of knowing this information. You can start with the following sentence : There are both advantages and disadvantages to knowing if you have a high risk for getting a genetic disease.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to knowing if you have a high risk for getting a genetic disease.
If you know what kind of diseases that related about genetic and you have higher than average chance to get, I think most of people will "TO DO" or "NOT TO DO" something to prevent this disease getting worse, isn't it? It is the most important advantage in this kind of situation.
But in fact, something "TO DO" or "NOT TO DO" are also disadvantages of knowing the future. If hiking outside is the favorite thing that you love to in your leisure time, but you know that you'll getting worse skin faster than other people who solarized as much time as you, I believe you'll go outside fewer to prevent your skin getting worse and force yourself to limit the numbers of going outside.

To me, it's so boring if you already knew what things will happen to you in the future. Life is fulled of choices and developments, these are funniest things in our living time.


Communication skill

What do you think if you have to work in office during weekend?

It's pitiful if you have to work during weekend, especially in office.
This weekend, I've got around 30 calls for my job and most of them were already done or just planned.
After check with colleague, there are some communication gaps between two functions - we thought that we passed material to P/L for build, but they could not reach them in W/H so they call help for arrangement.
How to prevent this kind of situation happen again? I believe we need to have two things to do "Right Person" and "Right Way".

First of all, if you got wrong person and explain the history of issues or you just ask him/her to do some thing that you need his/her help. Do you think you'll get well outcome if you really do that? For example, you have a question need engineer's help to clarify it, but you ask this question to operator... Does it work?
Second, if you found a engineer and he is responsible for the field of your needed but you have no idea to explain your question or needed to him/her, what would you thing in this situation? So I think how to descripe you question or you requirement well is also important too.


Favorite Song

If I got down on my knees and I pleaded with you
If I cross a million oceans just to be with you
Would you ever let me down

If I climbed the highest mountain just to hold you tight
If I said that I would love you every single night
Would you ever let me down

Well, I'm sorry if it sounds kind of sad It's just that
I'm worry, so worry that you'll let me down

Because I love you I love you, love you
So don't let me down

If I swam the longest river just to call your name
If I said the way I feel for you would never change
Would you ever fool around

Well, I'm sorry if it sounds kind of sad It's just that
I'm worry, so worry that you'll let me down

Because I love you I love you, love you